Cats and Suitcases

It seems like the cats are quite willing to sabotage travel plans when they see the luggage come out.

Is it just me or do cats have anxiety issues surrounding our luggage? Intelligent as they are, surely they know as soon as we drag out the suitcase that we’re about to leave them. You may remember stories on CatChannel where cats have climbed into suitcases unbeknownst to their human and took off with them hidden in the luggage. You might remember one story in particular of a 10-month-old kitten who stowed away in her owner’s suitcase which was picked up by a stranger thinking it was his luggage. The traveler opened the suitcase in his hotel room and out jumped the cat.

Sometimes it seems like our cats just want to sabotage our travel plans, either by jumping into our suitcase and stowing away or by parking themselves right on top of your suitcase so you can’t open it. I just returned from a business trip to Florida and I haven’t had the chance to unpack yet. Sophie and Madison have taken turns  perching themselves on top of the suitcase while watching me brush my teeth in the mornings. They’ve been pawing at the clothing sticking out of it. Today they actually played “king of the hill” on my luggage — fighting over who got to sit on top.

I guess it’s a good thing for my cats to spend some quality time with my luggage without associating it with evil. Now if I could only get them to help me unpack it, sort my laundry and take my clothes to the washing machine, I’d be able to put my luggage away sooner.

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