Here’s Proof Cats And Cucumbers Just Do Not Mix

It seems cats and cucumbers have quite a storied past — in that cats are confusingly terrified of them.

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A... a cucumber?! THE HORROR. Via Huffington Post Lifestyle/Facebook

Why do cats hate cucumbers so much? Is it the long shape? Is it the menacing dark green color? Or is it the same reason most humans hate cucumbers? (They are healthy, and they taste like nothing.)

We’ll probably never know the reason — especially since cats can’t verbally tell us why — but a video uploaded to Facebook by Huffington Post Lifestyle over the weekend might provide us with some clues. In it, a number of cats absolutely freak out at the mere sight of a cucumber.

Unsuspecting Cats Get Completely Startled By … Cucumbers? Yep.These cats are not as cool as their stealthy cucumber stalkers.

Posted by HuffPost Lifestyle on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let’s examine this a little further, shall we?

Could the cats’ terror stem from the sneaky way the cucumbers are placed in their path without any warning?

Annnnnnd YIKES. Via Giphy

Annnnnnd YIKES. Via Giphy

Maybe it’s the way the vegetable sits eerily still while being basically the same size as the cats themselves.

Meowwwwwza! Via Giphy

Meowwwwwza! Via Giphy

OK, we give up. We can’t imagine all cats have a fear of cucumbers, but please don’t go around trying to scare your cat with produce.

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