Cats Play Mom To Rescued 3-Legged Pit Bull Puppy

After almost being eaten by his mom, a young puppy has been adopted by two cats who treat him like one of their own.

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Family hug! Via Bored Panda

Sometimes your real family ends up choosing you.

That was certainly the case when a white Pit Bull puppy named Nicholas was saved from his birth mom after she tried to eat him, according to Bored Panda. The 10-week-old puppy was rescued after his mom had chewed off his paw and eaten three of his siblings.

He was then rescued and nursed back to health by a new family, including two cats and five other dogs. The cats took to Nicholas and embraced him as one of their own.

Here’s a look back at his snuggle-filled road to recovery alongside his new cat moms.

1. Nicholas was saved in the nick of time. (Word play!)

He needed 24/7 care, and his new family was more than up to the task.

2. He may have lost a paw, but he gained a family.

His new owners fed him every three hours and changed his bandage every day to keep it clean.

3. Enter two concerned cats.

They did their part to help out, too.

4. They snuggled.


5. They kept the little guy clean.

“Bath time, little Nicky!”

6. And Nicholas got stronger and healthier. 

This pup is a survivor.

7. They’re all living happily ever after, on the same bed, probably.

It takes a village, you know? Or in this case, two loving cats.

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