‘Cats 101’ Premieres Saturday on Animal Planet

CatChannel's Nikki Batalis blogs about a show that cat lovers can curl up with.

Finally, cats are  getting some equal time on TV.

I love animal shows of all kinds, but find it’s pretty darned hard to find a show about cats. Even on Animal Planet, which I love, the programming is heavy on dogs, wild animals and “Animal Cops.”

But the network is shortsighted no more: “Cats 101” premieres at 8 p.m. EST Saturday, Dec. 6, on Animal Planet, and it’s a great showcase for kitties: It’s interesting, informative and entertaining.

The show spotlights several breeds; on the premiere show, it showcases the American Shorthair, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Persian, Ragdoll and Sphynx.

Each breed is profiled with interesting stories about its origins and history, as well as a snapshot for potential owners about its needs in grooming, health and family.

What makes the show especially interesting are the people and their cats that are profiled: the second-grade teacher who plans her curriculum using her Scottish Fold cats; the cat groomer in South Carolina who shaves her Persian clients, spins their fur into yarn, then creates custom purses for their owners; the couple who own the Cat House in San Diego, the most widly cat-centric abode imaginable; one couple who put a camera on their cat’s collar and were able to view the world through his eyes; and Matilda the Ragdoll, the house cat at the Algonquin in New York City, who  rules the roost in that chic hotel.

The show is well-produced, funny and fast-paced, and I suspect that cat lovers will lap it up. 

Episode 2 of “Cats 101” will air next week, on Saturday, Dec. 13. 


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