Catdance Film Festival Winners

"Ricky," the kitten who just wants a friend, wins this year's cat video festival in Park City, Utah.

Book your trip to Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival now because you’re not going to want to miss next year’s Catdance Film Festival, playing during the same time.

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Simon Savelyev’s short film “Ricky” won the 2014 Catdance Film Festival. The film is an affectionate account of a rescue kitten, Ricky, trying to befriend Romy, a big dog who’s afraid of other dogs. Simon Savelyev states on his website that Ricky’s thoughts were voiced and written by Willa, his 8-year-old neighbor. An alternate version of “Ricky” uses the voice over of Willa’s younger sister, Annie.

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As for Savelyev, in a press release put out by Fresh Steps, the company sponsoring the Catdance Film Festival, his future plans include “making more cat-inspired films for all cat lovers to enjoy … as well as donate a portion of my winnings to a local shelter and the college fund of my neighbor who lent her sweet voice to the film.”

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For this second Catdance Film Festival, the Feline Arts Council went on a nationwide search to choose the top-five short films. After pushing out the other four films, Savelyev took home $50,000 and a golden litter scoop. The Feline Arts Council is a panel of “the top minds in feline fine arts.” The Feline Arts Council also offers what it calls “haute cat-ure accessories,” which benefit the ASPCA with each purchase.

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There are few other venues, much less film festivals that feature original, scripted, cat-inspired short films. This year, Catdance also screened some films in 3-D. Although, it might be difficult to hold it together with the amount of cuteness being projected directly toward you in 3-D.

The top four short films alongside “Ricky” included Balbinka Korzeniowska’s “A Change of Heart”,  Alana Grelyak’s “The Inheritance,”  Ryan Barger’s “Dreams Are Real,” Laura D’Antoni’s “The Clever Cat” and Adam Barron and Hannah Beckwith’s “Dirty Paws: A Feline Noir.” 

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