Catch Up With Author Vicki Myron

Learn more about the inspiration behind her book ?Dewey: A Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.?

Author Vicki Myron1. Why did you write the book? 

I truly felt I was obligated to tell Dewey’s story to those who hadn’t heard it. I was so sure that others would love him as I did if they heard the entire story.

2. What was your inspiration? 

Dewey Readmore Books — he was my inspiration for 19 years. He couldn’t tell our story so I decided I had to do it. Plus Bret Witter made me really think about the story and how it all fit together.

3. What is your writing process?

I jot down notes and incidents as bullet points and expand from there. Working with a co-author was invaluable since Bret made me put the magic of Dewey into words instead of just feelings. It was very hard to describe Dewey’s magic but it made me a better writer. Bret also made me organize the flow in a more determined way and cut out the fluff to get to the heart of the story.

4. Do you have any other books?

No, but two of my college professors told me I should be a writer after doing papers for psychology and English. I hope to write more in the future — possibly children’s books about Dewey’s different adventures.

5. What has the feedback been on the book so far?

Feedback has been wonderful. Everyone loves the book so far and understands the story we were trying to tell. I am so pleased with the comments and the enthusiasm for the book.

6. Are you currently a cat owner? How many do you have?

I own no cats. I can’t imagine loving a cat again as I did Dewey. He is truly irreplaceable in my heart. I do cat-sit my dad’s cat, Max; my boyfriend’s cat, Rusty; and my sister’s cat, B. I keep my home open for them to visit occasionally until I find another love of my own down the road. They are all wonderful but no cat can hold a candle to my Dew.

7. Do cats influence your writing?

Not really. Dewey influenced me a lot but I never considered him a normal cat — he was so much more and such an old soul. I think that influenced me more than his looking like a cat to everyone else.

8. Were certain parts of the book more difficult to write than others? Which ones? 

Yes, Dewey’s death was hard to write about because I don’t talk about that day much to anyone. I still cry when I concentrate on it. The other difficult part was writing about how special Dewey was without saying he was special over and over. It was difficult to put into words the bond between us and the special relationship he had with me and so many other people. It was truly a mystical relationship and, therefore, very hard to put into simple words. I never can explain the look in his eyes when they met mine — never.

Stacy N. Hackett is a contributing editor to who lives in Southern California with her husband James, children Kayla and Parker, and two adorable Cornish Rex cats, Evita and Carson.

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