Catch Up With Author Eve Adamson

Learn more about the inspiration behind her book ?Pets Gone Green: Live a More Eco-Conscious Life With Your Pets.?

What was your inspiration behind the book?
I always have been interested in living a more earth-friendly life, and I love animals. The two just seemed a natural fit. I’ve written a lot about the pet industry and as I observed a dramatic rise in earth-friendly pet products, I thought people who don’t know as much about the market might appreciate knowing what’s out there, and also knowing what else they can do in their everyday lives to become more in tune with the natural world. Pets show us how, but we have to make the big changes.

What was the most difficult part of writing the book?
Finishing it by the deadline! I always seem to have to write a book in a few months, when I could have taken years.

What was the most rewarding part of writing the book?
I thought I knew a lot about earth-friendly pet strategies, but I learned so much more while researching the book, and we’ve implemented many of them in our lives. It’s an ongoing project my family really enjoys.

What type of feedback have you received so far?
People are very excited about the book, especially some of the ideas they haven’t heard before, such as how to compost cat litter, how to make your own pet toys, how to make your home pet-friendlier, why holistic health is greener, and how to be an activist and make more of a difference. The chapter on why spay/neuter surgery is “greener,” which was recently excerpted in a magazine, recently won the North Shore Animal League America Award.

What is your writing process?
I make a table of contents, then I tackle the book one chapter at a time, as if each were an assignment for school. Before I know it, I have a book. Then I go back and edit.

Do you have any other books?
I have written approximately 50 books. They all are listed on my website. Another of my books on a similar subject is “Adopting a Pet for Dummies.”

Do you own a cat or other pets?
I don’t have a cat right now because I have two little mixed-breed terriers, Jack and Sally, who become very worked up whenever they see a cat, and I also have a cockatiel, Grace, who spends most of her time out of her cage. Then there are all the fish tanks. Actually, a cat probably would have a great time in my house teasing everyone! I grew up with a huge gray tabby named Buford and I have many close cat friends including two cat “sisters” and three cat “nieces.” I hope to have one again someday soon, though.

Do your pets influence your writing?
Always. My very first freelance assignment was for a pet magazine, and I’ve been writing for pet magazines and pet book publishers ever since. I also write about other subjects — mostly food, health, self-help and spirituality — but animals often scamper in as examples.

Stacy N. Hackett shares her Southern California home with two adorable Cornish Rex cats, Carson and Evita, and a playful tabby named Jackson.


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