Catch the Drift

Float your vacation worries away by taking your dog on a relaxing houseboat trip.

Some people say “car ride,” and their dogs get excited, says Bob Stonhaus of California. “All I have to say is, ‘houseboat,’ and Squirt and Shasta go nuts.”  

Stonhaus and his wife Lisa have taken one or two houseboat vacations every year for more than a decade. Their Boston Terriers have accompanied them since puppyhood.

If you’ve never tried a houseboat vacation, it’s a terrific way to enjoy some of the country’s most beautiful lakes and rivers without roughing it.  The Stonhauses typically rent a 60-foot luxury boat similar to a floating condominium. “These boats are equipped with everything,” Stonhaus says. Standard amenities include air conditioning and heat, a refrigerator with freezer, oven, stove, outdoor grill, freshwater showers, comfortable beds (the 60-foot boat sleeps up to 12), and indoor and outdoor lounge areas. Oh, and don’t forget the hot tub on the upper deck and the two-story slide.

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