Catch Rabbit Fever

A documentary about showing rabbits spreads "rabbit fever" across the land!

Catch Rabbit FeverWhat do you get when you combine more than 150 hours of filming, multiple visits to 11 states, more than 38,000 miles of travel via plane or car, and film footage of more than 64,000 rabbits and interviews with numerous rabbit enthusiasts? You get a documentary entitled Rabbit Fever! At least that’s what you get when you’re director, writer and producer Amy Do. But that’s only part of the story behind how the film Rabbit Fever got made.

Do caught the “rabbit bug” as a child when she owned Dutch rabbits. Years later when she was in film school at USC, she chose rabbit showing as the subject of a film short for a class. That decision took her on an eight-year journey that will be fully realized when the full-length documentary Rabbit Fever enters the film fest circuit. It already had a preview screening as a work-in-progress at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival in October 2009 and was also previewed at the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association annual show and convention in November 2009.

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