Cat Yoga Goes Mainstream

Cats make yoga great again.

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Two great things that go great together: cats and yoga. Via CNN/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

It sounded like a joke at first. You couldn’t imagine yourself in this situation. In your head, you patiently humored the people who treated it like a real possibility when you came across their fringe ideas in the news. You even wanted to give a pat to the orange-headed animal at the heart of it, if only his claws weren’t so sharp.

But, yes, now it’s the world we live in and we have to work with the ginger tabby and any other cats who are participating in cat yoga. It’s a growing trend, according to CNN, with classes popping up on both coasts as well as in the heartland.

Cat yoga: The mewest exercise trendGood Mews: Cats make yoga more fun… and more difficult

Cat yoga: It’s the mewest exercise trend right meow ?

Posted by CNN on Monday, November 28, 2016

One organziation getting in on the cat yoga trend? Good Mews Shelter near Atlanta, Georgia, which hosts Yoga With Cats classes. While yoga’s benefits for people are documented — lower heart rate and stress-reduction, for example — workers with the no-kill facility say that the regular event helps the cats as well.

"Here, let me adjust you." Via CNN/Facebook

“Here, let me adjust you.” Via CNN/Facebook

“You’re spending some time with shelter cats who need that love and attention,” Lisa Johns, Good Mews Shelter Manager, told CNN. “In this environment it’s quiet, sometimes there’s light music playing, it’s relaxed, so they really get a chance to kinda come out out and show their personalities in a safer, quiet environment.”

So claw-able... Via CNN/Facebook

So claw-able… Via CNN/Facebook

A certified yoga instructor leads the class while people follow her lead. Along the way, cats bat at ponytails while people fold forward, curl around seated yogis and plunk down wherever they see fit.

“You’re getting this human-animal interaction,” Johns said. “It’s rewarding”

It’s a calm, peaceful practice that helps all involved. This clearly has the popular vote.

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