Cat Yoga Classes Now Open (Sitting on Other Students or Lying Down Mid-Class, Optional)

A cat cafe offers weekly yoga classes with cats so take that, downward dog and crow pose.

Finding it hard to motivate yourself to get moving, or simply looking for a new way to get your stretch on? We’ve got the answer: Cat. Yoga. Class. Yes, it’s totally a thing — and we’re practicing non-attachment but really hoping it will soon be coming to a city near you!

Held at New York’s Meow Parlour, a cat café located on the Lower East Side, Cat Yoga Class is all about finding your Zen, while surrounded by adoptable kitties. Sounds awesome, right?

Every Tuesday, Meow Parlour halts their production of cat face macarons, and closes their doors for an hour-and-a-half to welcome class attendants who spend the time partaking in cat-themed exercises.

“I like to start with Cat Pose for this class,” Amy Apgar, a Prana Power Yoga teacher told Yahoo! Health.

While Cat Pose is where it begins (so fitting), the rest of the class time is divided into three parts: a 30-minute cat bonding sesh, 45-minutes of cleansing yoga, and a 15-minute wrap-up wherein students bid a fond farewell to their feline friends.

Though some of the cats spend the entire time sleeping (what else is new?), others intermittently weave through the small class of students chasing one another in a game of tag. Regardless of their actions, their mere presence (aka the cuteness!) is what makes Cat Yoga such a unique and memorable experience. And really now, anything that takes one’s mind off of working out and allows us to hang out with cats at the very same time is something that deserves two paws up, don’t you think?

Would you sign up for a cat yoga class?

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