This Table Allows You To Work While Your Cat Plays All Day

Instead of sitting right on top of your keyboard while you work, now your cat can wander around the inside of your desk.

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While you work hard, your cat gets to play hard. Per usual. Via Lycs Architecture
Chrissa Hardy

Cats have the uncanny ability to make every inch of surface area their own, whether you like it or not.

But what if they had their very own table to play on? Or rather… in? Hong Kong-based architecture company LYCS Architecture has designed a custom wooden table with curved nooks and crannies galore in the center.

Via Lycs Architecture

When your cat is busy exploring, you finally have time to focus. Via Lycs Architecture

The so-called CATable is perfect for cat owners who are tired of having their furry friend stomp all over their work at the worst possible moment. It features a hole in the top that leads to inner pathways, which should hopefully keep your cat occupied long enough for you to actually get some work done.

Via Lycs Architecture

A cat owner’s dream workspace. Via Lycs Architecture

As the product description states, “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.” Indeed.

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