Cat With Eyebrows On Fleek Draws People To Japanese Shop

Hachi the cat has revived a neighborhood with her "lucky eyebrows," and she's also crushed our eyebrow goals.

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Lucky Eyebrow Cat is watching you buy gum. Via The Mainichi/Twitter
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A shopkeeper in Japan is getting an extra dose of good fortune from an already reliable source of happiness: a cat.

Kaori Hasegawa’s Itokyu tobacco shop in Mito, Japan, has become a rather popular tourist destination, and it’s all thanks to a cat named Hachi who spends her days there, The Mainichi reports.

Hachi bears the markings of the Japanese symbol for the number eight in the fur above her eyes, and eight happens to be a lucky number in Japan.

Can I help you? Via The Mainichi

Can I help you? Via The Mainichi/Facebook

In fact, the distinctive marks — which also look a lot like bold arched eyebrows, in a sort-of IDGAF expression — inspired her name, Hachi, the Japanese word for eight.

“There are a lot of people who tell me that good things have happened to them after seeing Hachi’s face,” Hasegawa told the newspaper.

Eight is great in Japan, where it is a lucky number. Via Japanese Kanji Dictionary

Hachi came to be a staple at the the Itokyu tobacco shop after her owner, Yoichi Maeda, who works during the day, asked friend and local shop proprietor Hasegawa to care for the cat while away. Itokyu is located near a train station, in an area that had lost vibrancy after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, according to The Mainichi. Maeda thought the cat’s presence in the highly visible storefront would inject life into the area.

People took notice. Now Hachi has become something of a regional celebrity. People near and far come to see the lucky cat.


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