Cat Whose Attack Led to 911 Call Now in Shelter

The 22-lb. cat who became enraged after his owner kicked him was "requested to be removed from his home."

A mixed-breed cat whose owners locked themselves in a room after feeling threatened by their pet is now in a Portland, Ore. animal shelter.

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Lux the cat became aggressive on Mar. 9 after his owner, Lee Palmer, kicked the cat away from Palmer’s 7-month-old-son, whom the cat had scratched. Palmer said that sent his cat “over the edge,” without saying specifically what the cat had done, and Palmer took his son and her mother into a back bedroom with the family dog to hide from the cat and call 911.

Dispatchers sent police to capture Lux, but later Lux returned home and Palmer said he wanted to keep the cat. On Mar. 17, however, Multnomah County Animal Services picked up the cat after owners “requested that he be removed from their home.”

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Shelter workers say that if Palmer wants the cat back, he can go through the adoption process.

Should the cat’s family have kept the cat and worked with it, or should Lux live with a new family who might be a better fit?

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