Cat Who Loves Sailing

Ahoy, Yeoman! See the cat who loves to set sail on his boat.

Who’s afraid of the big bad waves? Not this kitty!

Yeoman, a cat in Beaufort, N.C., proves that cats can actually enjoy water. The 12-year-old feline is making a name for himself in the cat and boating worlds due to his love of sailing with his owners Lisa Camp and Campbell Tellman.

Adopted by Camp in 2003, Yeoman proved to be the perfect fit for Camp’s busy lifestyle – happily accompanying her on weekend road trips to visit Tellman, her then-fiancé, and his 33-foot sailboat.

Although Yeoman clearly adored car rides, Camp was surprised to find that he showed great interest in the boat – and the great open seas; but after just one time playing ‘first mate’, Yeoman became hooked, and the couple hasn’t sailed without him since.

Tucked into his life jacket, Yeoman’s nook of choice while aboard is on deck, where he has a bird’s eye view of everything going on around him. To keep him safe during cast off or returns, however, Camp places him in the stateroom. And when they’re docked? Well, Yeoman is Mr. Popularity.

“Everyone stops to see him,” Camp told Mother Nature Network about her sailing cat. “He just sits there and greets the people and touches noses with the dogs.”

Despite his love of sailing, Yeoman has only been in water twice: once when trying to escape a rambunctious puppy who wanted to play (he dove into the marina to get away), the other on a hot beach day when he dived into a tidal pool and took a brief swim.

Camp and Tellman stopped sailing for a time to refurbish their boat; but even after a few years on land, Yeoman found his sea legs immediately, and began indulging in his favorite pastime once more. So what’s next? The couple is planning on sailing north for a few months – and yes, Yeoman will be accompanying them.

“We’d never go without him,” says Camp.

What do you think of Yeoman’s high seas adventures?

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