Cat Who Looks Like Bond Villain Sidekick Finally Finds Home

Phoebe, a gorgeous senior Chinchilla cat with a striking resemblance to evil villain Blofeld's white feline, took a lot of time to get adopted.

Folks may love James Bond films, but one thing many tend to shy away from? Cats who look like the sidekicks of evil Bond villains. Case in point: Phoebe, a gorgeous senior Chinchilla cat with a striking resemblance to evil villain Blofeld’s white feline.

Phoebe arrived at Cats Protection’s Ferndown Homing Centre earlier this year after her home was burned down, and her owner was forced to move into a caravan during the rebuild process. In her golden years, with missing teeth, and a tongue that permanently sticks out, Phoebe put potential adopters off with her villainous glare and eerie resemblance.

“Phoebe’s devilish eyes certainly give her the look of a mischievous moggy, but despite this, she is as soft as anything,” a Cats Protection spokesperson told The Mirror. “It is quite funny how she is being looked at now as the ‘cat who looks like a villain’ as she is the sweetest cat you could come across, but it must be admitted there is a resemblance there.”

Despite being overlooked for so long, however, Phoebe finally caught the eye of Hampshire’s Sally Ellis, who simply couldn’t resist the gorgeous feline, and had to take her home.

“It’s funny really, at first I just saw Phoebe for an old cat who nobody wanted – I didn’t even see the resemblance between her and the Bond cat,” said Ellis. “I’m not a huge fan of James Bond but when people started making the similarities to Blofeld’s cat, I couldn’t help but see it in her – those eyes attract a lot of attention. But it’s deceptive – she may look like she’s evil and capable of cooking up a plan against Bond, but she’s a big softie really and loves a good fuss – much like Blofeld’s cat!”

Bond villain, Blofeld, appeared in numerous films, always being shown with an unnamed white cat on his lap as he devised strategies to foil Bond’s plans to save the day; oddly enough, the name, breed, and gender of cat is unknown. In more recent years, the character of Dr. Evil, the villain in the “Austin Powers” films, paid homage to Blofeld, always appearing onscreen accompanied by his white cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, while hatching plans to stop Powers from saving the day.

“It is such a shame that nobody wanted her, she’s gorgeous but she definitely resembles Blofeld’s cat – which might have put people off,” Ellis said. “She is so friendly but she definitely knows she can get away with murder at home – she sits so proudly knowing she’s so loved. Nothing fazes her though and she just plods along going about her business, she loves a bit of a fuss and attention – a lot like Blofeld’s cat!”

Regardless of being passed up by so many during her stay at Cats Protection, Phoebe is now resting comfortably with Ellis – and even earned herself a few minutes of fame given her uncanny resemblance to one blockbuster feline. Cheers to happy endings!

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