Cat Who Lives In Train Station Has Become A Tweet-Worthy Celebrity

Sapphie the cat took up residence at the Tonbridge Railway Station after her owners moved away.

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The Tonbridge Railway Station in Kent, England, is one of the busiest in the region, with an estimated 4 million people passing through each year. But the station also has a new permanent resident, one who has generated more excitement than, say, the 9:12 to London Charing Cross. Sapphie the cat moved herself into the railway station when her owners moved away, and she quickly became the kind of local celebrity who gets her own promo video and is frequently mentioned on social media.

The 8-year old kitty has her own bed in the stationmaster’s office and has bee unofficially adopted by several other employees.

“She’s like our little extra helper,” station supervisor Jamie Good told Kent Online. “She makes herself known out on the platform and brings people together because everyone’s talking about her getting treats for her, feeding her, buying her new beds and all sorts of stuff like that.”

That actually sounds like a pretty good gig. Now I’m thinking of moving into a railway station, too.

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