Cat Voted Honorary President Of University’s Students’ Union

We’re guessing the job comes with lots of treats.

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Susu the cat's new title has awarded her a Master Pass to anywhere she wants to go in the students' union. Via sususnaps/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Let’s face it. Cats see themselves as royal beings who must always be the ones in charge (and we serve as their loyal servants). They oversee farms, run for president and pretty much do whatever else they want — including becoming an honorary president of a students’ union.

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Susu the cat has resided at Southampton University’s Students’ Union (SUSU) in the United Kingdom since 2002. She was given scraps of food and quickly became a favorite fixture to those who utilized the students’ union. Ben Franklin, SUSU president, told The Telegraph that Susu contributes to the reduction of the students’ stress levels, making her deserving of her new title.

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“Susu is already fulfilling an important duty by being detached from union politics, thus providing stability and security which is greatly needed in the face of an ever-changing union,” the motion to make her honorary president stated, according to The Telegraph.

In a blog post, Franklin said Susu is “an independent feline who doesn’t rely on anyone for anything (except food, water and the occasional belly rub) — she is the world’s most aloof cat and if she lets you pet her, you are truly among a blessed number.”

Wessex Scene, Southampton University’s news outlet, wrote:

“Everyone knows she is definitely the cutest cat on campus (she might be the only cat on campus but she probably still would be if there were others). There’s no excitement quite like someone finding out we have a cat outside the cube, maybe other than the excitement of the beanbag sofas. She makes us unique, how many other universities have a cat who lives in their union? Susu makes everyone that much happier, and her election as honorary president just goes to reflect the outstanding effect she’s had on students — always there for their de-stressing needs. Susu is the perfect example of a student too — naps, snacks, and wanting affection.”

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No wonder she was given the title. Why wouldn’t Susu become the honorary president of the very location she was named after? Makes sense to us.

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