Cat Videos Save Lives

Get your cat-video fix, and feed shelter cats, too!

Never thought your cat-video addiction would lead to the greater good for shelter cats? Think again! Here is your chance to help cats in need simply by doing what you are probably doing now anyway —watching cat videos!

Click here to check out 9Lives Morris’ Rescue Watch” >>

Morris the Cat — yes, the one and only finicky orange tabby who became a media darling for 9Lives cat food long before the instant celebrity of Youtube and Facebook — is on a mission to help feed shelter cats from across the nation with the launch of his “9Lives Morris’ Rescue Watch” campaign.  Who new Morris had a heart as big as his appetite for finicky-cat-pleasing food? Actually, the 9Lives Morris’ Rescue Watch” campaign is a cause close to Morris’ heart. You might think of Morris as a pampered pet, turning his little nose up at foods that don’t meet his quality and taste standards, but before Morris made it big, he was like millions of other homeless cats — in the care of an animal shelter, waiting for his big shot at adoption.

And Morris sure has made it easy for you to help cats in need — just by watching a video on you can help feed a shelter cat.  That’s right, for every video watched 9Lives cat food will donate one meal to a shelter, up to 1 million meals. And, really, we’re talking about checking out the cute-cats-doing-funny-stuff kind of videos that you already have a hunkering for. Better yet, up until this October 18th, you can submit your own video to the mix — and if you are one of three winners, you’ll being pulling in a year’s supply of 9Lives cat food, as well as a $3,000 donation to a shelter of your choice. Do Morris proud —check out, watch a video, feed a shelter cat … helping the cat community never looked so easy.

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