Cat Videos Are Back To Being Good For You

They were good for you! Then, bad for you. Now, researchers say cat videos are good for you. Again.

Makes sense to us.

Trying to cut back on your cute cat video viewing? Here are multiple reasons not to!

A 2015 study released by Yale University psychologist, Oriana Aragon, and published in the journal “Psychological Science,” explains why. Aragon and colleagues made a few fun discoveries about viewing cute animal videos.Bonus: each one is beneficial, and, curiously enough, tied to human survival!

According to Aragon, humans are instinctively drawn to features that resemble that of babies – chubby cheeks, big foreheads, and rounded features such as eyes; thus, when humans view these same characteristics in animals, they go, for lack of better words, gaga. Instinctually, they are attracted, and can’t look away.

“These features are so ingrained in us to respond to,” said Aragon. “Our survival depends on us taking care of our young. It’s part of our human species to respond to these features.”

Our minds, however, don’t turn to mush at the mere sight of a cute kitty. Rather, like a craving for sugar or Friday night pizza, our desire to view cute cats strikes us like a craving.

“It is kind of a vice. We want our cute fix. There are entire things devoted to cuteness,” said Aragon. “It’s something that gives us pleasure, and makes us come back. Eating those high-calorie rich foods were essential to our survival in the early days.”

According to Aragon, when we sate our appetite for cute, our brain sends a dopamine boost through our system, resulting in a lightning bolt reaction: happiness. But a smile is only the tip of the iceberg. Based on Aragon’s findings, our cute cat video viewing habit is anything but a form of procrastination – it serves as a key to increasing focus and productivity!

Moral of the story: a cute cat video (or five) a day keeps lack of inspiration at the workplace away! All in favor of mandatory cat video office breaks say “Aye!”

Watch a bunch of cat videos here.

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