Cat Video Roundup

See which cat videos of the week we think the world needs to watch.

Like stacking things on your cat? So does this troubadour, whose cat tolerates a ridiculous amount of things atop its napping body. To be exact: 61 things.

Ellen DeGeneres presented a special edition of Cat Fancy on her website, to coincide with Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. 

Did you miss the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel?  If so, check out these highlights.

If the Kitten Bowl is the alternative to the Super Bowl, then Kitten vs. Bowl is the alternative to the Kitten Bowl. This video will explain.


Miss the Kitten Bowl, the super furry adorable alternative to the Super Bowl? Take a look at some highlights from the Hallmark Channel.

The Kitten Bowl is one thing, but Kittens vs Bowls is another. Take a look and see who wins.

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