Cat Video Roundup: Spring Cleaning With Cats Edition

Watch fastidious kitties get to work tidying the home (instead of destroying it ... for once).

Thanks for the clean house, cats. Via Pixabay

Cats usually “help” clean the house by knocking items off counters, shredding furniture or sharing their fur with carpets, couches and clothing. With that in mind, when you see a feline tidying up the place, you know it’s time to break out the video camera, and that’s exactly what these lucky pet parents did. Share with your cat for inspiration.

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This cat might unroll the toilet paper, but he very conscientiously rolls it right back up.

Laundry can pile up and become a massive chore — but not with this kitten around.

If your dog needs grooming, ask this cat to help.

We will never forget this classic, of a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba.

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