Cat Video Roundup: Movie Edition

Inspired by the Oscars, we showcase movie-themed cat videos, including an amazing Amadeus parody by Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel explored giving YouTube videos the Oscar treatment. He turned “Charlie Bit My Finger” into “Bitman Begins” with a Christopher Nolan twist, mashed up “David After Dentist” with “Double Rainbow” into “David After Dentist: Double Rainbow Oh My God” as a Baz Luhrman musical journey and, most notably for us, showed the rivalry between “Keyboard Cat” and “Hamster on a Piano” in “Awmeowdeus.”

Pet parodies are a regular occurrence with The Pet Collective, but this compilation shows their best cat-related film moments.

Also from The Pet Collective, “The Hunger Games” become better when cats (and cardboard) are employed. Enjoy.

Now, for no reason, a cat who doesn’t understand the concept of fish tanks.

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