Cat Video has Internet Divided, Provoking Likes and Anger

A video was posted on Instagram showing a man polishing his shoes with a sleeping cat.

There are so many cat videos online that they seem to be taking over completely. For the most part, these videos provoke likes and shares and “how cute!” comments. However, a video posted to Instagram recently also resulted in a lot of backlash, with viewers expressing concern and anger.

In the video, an unidentified man in Kazakhstan is seen picking up a sleeping cat and using the feline to polish his shoes. He holds the cat with both hands and moves it back and forth over his shoe as though it were a polishing brush. He then switches feet and does the same before setting the cat down. He and his friends are laughing. The cat does not attack the man, but appears to run off when it gets set back down. Watch:

The video received over 11,000 likes on Instagram, according to Daily Mail. The video also received comments of disapproval. The Daily Mail reports that users said, “This guy suffers from moronism (sic),” “I feel so bad for the cat” and “Such an idiot, but the amount of likes is incredible. My question is who is more of a moron, the ones that made it or the people who liked this video?”

After watching the video, how do you feel about it?


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