Cat Video Festival Is Back!

The Internet Cat Video Festival returns, starting in Minnesota and maybe stalking your way.

Move over Cannes; Minnesota continues its takeover as the film fest spot for movie enthusiasts … if those movie people are enthused by cats, that is. Cats on the screen is the scene, and audiences far and wide can’t get enough of playful, silly and mischievous kitties, not to mention those caught-on-film displaying serious catitude. Yes, the Internet Cat Video Festival is back and bigger than ever in 2015. This live-event fest has bragging rights as the first “offline celebration of online cat videos,” and consists of a cache of cat video clips that vary from story-boarded short films, six-second Vine videos and pretty much the best of the best in cat-centric YouTube videos. 

We have the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to thank for bringing the finest feline videos to the mass-viewing audiences, which it first did in August 2012, with categories divided into Drama, Comedy, Foreign, Animated, Documentary, Art House, Honorable Mention and Lifetime Achievement. What started out as side project on the greenspace next to the museum’s summer programming proved to be an instant hit, with submissions from around the world and an impressive 10,000-plus in attendance for that first-ever showing. The festival’s momentum has grown, and a festival tour has come to cities across the U.S. as well as internationally in places like Australia, Scotland and Greece.

Come August 12, 2015, the cat is back in Minnesota for its fourth showcase at CHS Field in St. Paul’s Historic Lowertown District. The venue move was necessary because the event had outgrown the hillside next to the Walker Art Center. This year, cat enthusiasts will be treated to a selection of videos curated by Will Braden, winner of the festival’s first Golden Kitty Award recipient and the brainchild of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos.

There will also be plenty of cat-themed activities, art exhibits, food trucks and special appearances. Last year, attendees got to see Lil BUB, the diminutive cat with a perpetual tongue-out smile who shot to fame in 2011 after her photos were posted on Tumblr. The event will be hosted by local radio personality Barb Abney of Go 96, who, not so coincidentally, is a cat person. You can have a say in who takes home the Golden Kitty by choosing your favorite video. Tickets, which are all print-at-home general admission, are available now, and online voting opens up soon, so check with the Internet Cat Video Festival site to cast your vote

Coming To Your Town?
Can’t come to Minnesota? Scheduled screenings for the Internet Cat Fest include these cities:
•    June 26-27, Animal Humane, Albuquerque, NM
•    June 27, Art for Cats’ Sake, New Orleans, LA
•    July 9-10, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, MO
•    July 31; August 1-2, Denver County Fair-Kitten Pavilion, Denver, CO
•    August 1, Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK
•    August 21, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
•    August 22, Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, ME
•    August 28-29, Carrie A Seaman Animal Shelter, Provincetown, MA
•    October 24, Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County, Port Charlotte, FL
•    November 19021, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN
•    November28,  Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, VT

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