This Video Of Cats Purring Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Listen to Cole and Marmalade's purr therapy.

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Instant calm.
Anastasia Thrift

Cats purr during good times and bad. They purr to show contentment as well as to comfort themselves while under stress. It’s built-in therapy. And although we can’t purr when stress happens, we can do the next best thing, and listen in.

A video by feline YouTube stars Cole and Marmalade posted this week is 7 minutes of pure purr therapy. “The Best Sound In The World = Cat Purrs!” lives up to its title.

Putting this on a playlist for those stressful times. Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

The video opens with ginger tabby Marmalade tucked away in a hiding spot. His loud purr is the only giveaway to his location.

After a few more purr scenarios with him, we then see his buddy Cole purring up a storm. It doubles the rumbles in the house.

It’s a lot of purrs all in one place, which means there’s a whole lot of soothing purring going out. Thanks, Cole and Marm, for the good vibes.

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