Brave House Cat Wins Showdown Against Mountain Lion

Not even a mountain lion pawing at the glass door will scare this courageous cat away.

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Don't mess with a cat on its home turf.

Never underestimate the intensity of a cat’s cockiness.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by MabeInAmerica, a cat and mountain lion face off in an epic staring contest — luckily with a thick pane of glass between them. The mountain lion is outside looking in, while the cat is one the inside of the house looking out.

At one point, the mountain lion lets out a loud hiss that would make any living creature visibly shaking.

I mean..... yikes. Via YouTube

Yikes! Via YouTube

But this house cat shows no fear and stays put. Eventually, the mountain lion skulks off back into the woods. And not without pausing to take another look at the house with a glare that says, “I’ll be back.”

During all of this, the man filming takes a moment to prank his wife by telling her the kids “are out back,” practically giving her a heart attack. Well played, sir. Well played.

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