Cat Uses Box. Cat Freaks Out About Whatever’s Happening in Box. Cat Runs Frantically from Box.

Does your cat run from the litterbox after using it? We look into this quirky bathroom habit.

My cat Siam is strange. Can you tell me why every time he goes to the bathroom he runs off in a crazy frenzy? He is sometimes hard to calm down when this happens. –
Trina Jean Selvey

Unfortunately for Siam he’s going to have to be placed in his carrier and taken to the vet. He’ll be unhappy in the moment, but afterward your cat can take his medication (if needed) and soon go about his business without it being cause for craziness.

Before you visit your cat vet, check out the contents of your cat’s litterbox. Watch out for two cat-poop issues:
*Does your cat have diarrhea?
*Do you see blood (or pinkish litter) in the clumps or in your cat’s stool?

Your vet might even request a sample. An exam and blood test might reveal that he has kidney stones, an injury, a virus, urinary tract polyps, a blocked urethra or some other medical issue that makes urination painful.

Defecation might also lead to his frenzies. He could be constipated or have anal polyps, inflamed anal sacs or a more serious condition. Only a vet can know for sure.

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