Cat TV Finally Arrives

New online TV channel features nothing but cats and kittens all day, all night.

We knew our hopes and dreams would eventually come true — now there’s an online cat channel where you can watch kittens frolicking or lazy cats sleeping on channel 406, 24/7/365.

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With show titles such as “Scaredy Cats,” videos of cats being, well … scared; “Putting Up With Humans,” which features cats dressed up in costumes and different outfits; and “Famous Felines,” showing off only the most famous of cat celebrities, you’re sure to find a show you look forward to watching as much as the next “Grey’s Anatomy.” Thanks to — a source for consolidated online entertainment organized into channels — we pulled a chair up and watched what was supposed to be a few minutes of “Cats Gone Viral.” After an hour we decided this was definitely good TV. Fortunately, you don’t have to record your shows, either, because the source from where the videos came from is right on the screen.

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Toggling through shows is as easy as using your local cable provider’s digital guide. Simply click on Cats 24/7, and you’ll automatically be tuned to the station. To remind yourself of a show you want to watch later, simply click on the show under the time slot, and a clock pops up. Click “Notify Me,” and you’ll receive a reminder via email.

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Although we are partial to watching cats, there are channels aimed at all pet parents. Channel 407, Dogs 24/7, is the same idea as Cats 24/7, and channel 408, Crazy Animals, features all types of different animals, from horses to chinchillas.

Chris Torres, creator of Nyan Cat, at one time said, “It’s a clear fact that the internet is made of cats.” We have to agree, and we’re very happy about it.

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