Cat Turns from Black to White

Vitiligo afflicts this cat, whose dark black fur is now speckled with white.

In 1997, Scrappy was born a purely black cat; today, he rocks a black and white camo coat that is seriously epic – and unlike any pattern you’ll find on a fellow feline. The cause? Presumably, Vitiligo – an extremely rare hereditary condition in cats that changes the pigmentation of skin and fur in various spots on the body. Cats affected with vitiligo have it from birth, however, it only becomes noticeable in adulthood – precisely when Scrappy showed signs of vitiligo.

Although 17 years old now (and completely happy and healthy – vitiligo doesn’t cause health problems), Scrappy developed his first white patch at the age of seven, with more sprouting over time. While the spots have since begun to slow down in appearance (likely due to age), Scrappy has been left with a killer coat of many colors reminiscent of black and white marble or camo. Isn’t he lovely?

Have you ever met a cat with vitiligo? What do you think of Scrappy’s coat?

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