Cat Repeatedly Tries To Get Cushion In Cabinet, Can’t Accept Fact That It Won’t Fit

A study recently said cats were good at physics, but they apparently lack in the geometry department.

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Acceptance is hard to achieve.
Anastasia Thrift

We’ve all tried to make things work that simply won’t, like outfits. Or relationships. One cat knows these struggles and has epitomized them for us in one telling 23-second video.

YouTube page DailyPicksandFlicks posted a video of a cat holding a cushion in his mouth and trying to jump into a narrow cabinet opening, repeatedly. And failing each time.

This isn’t working. Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

He seems confident he can do it, stuffing as much of the pillow as he can in his mouth then jumping up high in an attempt to land on what must be his favorite shelf.

The face of determination. Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

The face of determination. Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

But confidence can only get you so far. At some point you have to accept reality, and take your cushion elsewhere, or find a new cushion, one that’s better for your lifestyle and one that gets along with your family better and doesn’t flake on plans. Put yourself before the cushion, cat.

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