Cat Trick Video Contest Winner

Maya, a domestic shorthair from Texas, jumps through hoops to win CatChannel contest.

Cat Tricks Video Contest Winner

We asked for your best cat trick videos, and you responded.

They were an impressive lot — cats who fetch, cats who open doors, cats who roll over and show their bellies — even a cat who uses the toilet quite proficiently.

But in the end, Maya, a 3-year-old domestic shorthair from Spring, Texas, is the winner of our Cat Trick Video contest. Maya’s feats include jumping through a hoop, giving high fives, guessing which hand has the treat, and twirling around.

According to Maya’s owner, Cheri DiCioccio, all the credit goes to her daughter Dana, 12, who trained Maya after she received a cat-training book as a gift.

Dana has been working with Maya for about a year, her mom says, and uses cat treats as rewards. And Maya – who was part of a litter of barn cats that the DiCioccios rescued – rarely lets her down.

“It probably also helps that she’s a good, trainable cat,” says Cheri DiCioccio.

Congratulations, Maya and Dana — and thanks to all of our contestants who sent in their videos!

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