Cat With Tongue Out Prompts Blep-tastic Photoshop Battle

This tabby mlem-ed all over Reddit in an amazing array of scenes.

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So cute now but wait until the internet gets its paws on this pic. Via _AI_/Reddit
Anastasia Thrift

Cats with their tongues stuck out: cute. Cats with their tongues stuck out, pasted into all kinds of ridiculous situations: well, ridiculous.

We have proof, in the form of a Photoshop battle on Reddit posted by user _AI_. It puts a super cute tabby into lots of different scenes, all of them focusing on the little tongue sticking out of that adorable face.

Here’s a peek at some favorites.

1. Snackanator

Mlem = yum.

2. DJ Bleppy Blep

Bleps on the decks.

3. Blep-day

“Blep, Felicia.”

4. Mmmmmm… donut

Mlemmmmmmm… donut.

5. Blep-zilla

Both feared and respected.

6. Blep and Blep-er

“It’ll only hurt for a moment… like a band-aid.”

7. E=MlemC2

This cat wears the same thing every day and can’t tie a pair of shoes, either.

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