Cat Trying To Catch A Tiny Santa Hat On His Head Perfectly Sums Up Our Lives

Someone put a tiny Santa hat on the back of this cat's head. And it's his one goal in life to catch it.

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"Wait, I just saw it. WHERE IS IT?!" Via America's Funniest Home Videos/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Some days you’re a cat, and other days you’re a cat just trying your best to catch a tiny hat on the back of your head.

In a video posted to Facebook by America’s Funniest Home Videos, a cat named Murphy tries to snatch a Santa hat off the back of his head, and it’s hilariously chaotic.

The tip of the hat is just close enough that Murphy can almost grab hold of it, but not quite. He whips his head back and forth as if on a swivel, trying to get a glimpse of the elusive hat, but it always remains just out of reach.

Via America's Funniest Home Videos/Facebook

“There you are! Where are you? There you are! Where are you?” Via America’s Funniest Home Videos/Facebook

Isn’t that how we all feel right now? The holidays are just days away, and we’re also so close to the fresh start that New Year’s brings. But we still have a million things to do before we get to relax and let life happen to us.

Murphy the orange tabby cat has unexpectedly been introduced to the Christmas spirit- and he just can’t seem to shake it…

Posted by America’s Funniest Home Videos on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrapping gifts, running errands, signing and mailing Christmas cards, creating New Year’s resolutions, making nutritionally reckless choices that your resolutions will hopefully soon fix — we’re all Murphy this week.

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