Cat-Themed Clothing for a Cause

Give while you get with these charitable tees and other cat clothing items.

I admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to clothing with cats on it. Come to think of it, I don’t really wear clothing with any printing or patterns. At least I’m equal opportunity! 

But, for the clothes in this post I’m making an exception because every item featured helps saves the lives of animals. Either all or a portion of the proceeds from each sale are donated to rescues – locally and internationally in one case. Most save cats (and sometimes dogs), and one even saves cats big and small.

So bookmark this page when you’re doing your doing your holiday shopping. Which should be … right now! 

The Feline Foundation
A full 100% of proceeds from purchases made on the Feline Foundation website goes to the aforementioned charities. The designs are created both by Sarah and other artists, and her products range from t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women, to phone cases, mugs and yoga pants. Her products ship globally. 
While volunteering in Africa, founder Sarah Menzies befriend cats of all sizes.
Founder Sarah Menzies lives in Sydney Australia and teaches Visual Arts to High School students. In her spare time, she’s established The Feline Foundation to raise money for charities around the world that rescue small cats and/or help in the preservation of big cats in Africa. She even spent a summer volunteering in Namibia caring for injured and orphaned animals.
This store has a ridiculous amount of cat shirts, cards, mugs … I could go on and on, but the “spay and neuter” sweatshirt is by far my favorite. Not only because it’s funny, but 25% of the selling price goes to no-kill shelters.

I also appreciate their education efforts with facts about TNR and cat ownership provided by Alley Cat Allies, a well-respected source in the field.

And I love the personal message from the company and couldn’t agree more.
We here at are very concerned about pet overpopulation. Every year hundreds of thousands of unwanted “pets” starve to death, are killed in accidents, or euthanized in shelters that cannot find homes for them. supports spaying and neutering. We see it as one of the most loving things you can do for your pet and for the animal world in general. Give a cat gift that helps cats and sends an important message to all!

RC Tees
Chances are you’re familiar with RC Tees
and didn’t even know it. A few well known and many not-so-well-known cat folk sport their designs. In fact, this year’s LA Feline Film Festival was crawling with men and women in their tees. 

Left going clockwise: Adam Myatt, founder of Cat Town Café, Jackson Galaxy, the “ugly” holiday sweatshirt, a random lady and her cat (OK, it’s me and Kip!), Errin West an attendees at the LA Feline Film Festival.

Toni and Mark are proud of what they like to refer to as their “Mom and Pop” business. They don’t outsource anything and not only come up with, hand print their t-shirts and sweatshirts.

From sales, 10% of the profits go to various rescue organizations.  And they’re known for stepping up to the plate and making donations when major events take place impacting families and their pets (i.e., The tornados in Oklahoma, a kitten therapy program after the Newtown shootings in CT, and Japan’s Tsunami to name just a few).

Catdance Shirt
The Catdance tee was created in honor of Fresh Step’s Catdance Film Festival, created to honor and recognize up-and-coming cat filmmakers. It’s a limited edition t-shirt created for men and women.
The shirt sells for $19.99 and 100% of the purchase prices goes to the ASPCA, an organization established back in 1866 “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

Triple T Studios Cat Scarf
Do you or your cat loving girlfriends, sisters, moms and grandmothers already have drawers full of cat t-shirts and sweatshirts? We’ve got you covered.

Joanne L McGonagle, cat blogger, writer and zoologist designed these fashionable cat print scarves. As Joanne herself says, “the subtle design does not scream ‘crazy cat lady”…,” and I have to agree (I’ve got my eye on the black one). They’re made of chiffon and come in black, beige or light pink and are a bargain for $9.99. May as well get one of each!
To sweeten the pot, if you use the code FOR FREYA at check out, Joanne will donate 10% of proceeds to Kitten Associates, a small home-based rescue in Sandy Hook, CT that received a lot of attention after the school shooting in Newtown – a few minutes away, when founder Robin Olsen opened her home to the town’s children, parents and first-responders for kitten therapy.

There you have it. Help rescue more cats while partaking in your retail therapy this holiday season. Happy shopping!

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