Cat Tech Tools

See how technology can make life easier for you — and more interesting for your cat.

Everybody loves technology, but with new products coming out all the time, it’s hard to keep up on what’s hot and whether it’s worth your money. The following products will make your kitty’s life better and easier, and might even save you some money. Now that’s something to purr about.

This awesome little box allows you to not only monitor your cat while you are away, but also talk and even play with them! It has a wide-angle video camera, microphone/speakers, and a low-intensity laser pointer that has been vet-approved to be safe for your kitty’s eyes. The device connects to your home Wi-Fi and uses you a mobile application to allow you to interact with your cat while away. It’s available on Kickstarter (see the Kickstarter campaign for Petcube here) for a special pre-order price of $149. They are expected to ship May 2014.

Tagg the Pet Tracker
Unlike most pet identification, this lightweight tracker allows you to use GPS to find your lost pet. The wireless technology inside the tag allows you to use your computer or mobile device to see where your cat is any time. In addition the “tag” will notify you if your cat wanders for their designated “TaggZone,” so you can know immediately if Fluffy wanders away from home. Recommended for cats over 10 lbs.

What’s better than trying something for free before you buy it? Launching this October in the U.S., it’s the first digital platform that allows consumers to sample a range of pet products at no cost in exchange for feedback. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire, chose the products you want to try out, and then answer the 6 questions survey within 30 days of trying it out. The sample products are yours to keep with no obligation to buy.
Watch a video of the PINCHme here.

Sounding too good to be true, this all-natural product claims  that within a few days it safely conditions the food cats consume, and can enhance a cat’s metabolism by breaking down urea to eliminate the smell of urine *before* cats use the litterbox. The small, permanently sealed aluminum bottle is simply buried and stored in the center of a cat’s dry food storage container, or kept next to its wet food supply. A green product developed using quantum physics, consumers can save up to $300 a year by using less expensive litter in conjunction with the CrystalxFresh Kitty bottle. Price for one bottle is $34.99 and should reduce odor for three years.

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