Cat Tales

Do you love fill-in-the-blank word games? Try our new Cat Tales game and see what crazy cat stories you create!

A New Kitten Comes Home

It was a _______________ (adjective) and _______________ (adjective) day when the _______________ (adjective) new kitten came to his _______________ (adjective) new home. As he started to _______________ (verb), the new kitten came across a _______________ (noun) that did not seem _______________ (adjective). The _______________ (same noun) came and _______________ (verb, past tense) the new kitten. In retaliation, the kitten _______________ (verb) the _______________ (same noun) and ran away.

As the kitten turned a corner, a giant _______________ (thing) approached him. He _______________ (verb, past tense) and he _______________ (verb, past tense) at the _______________(same thing), but nothing seemed to work. Just when the kitten was about to _______________ (verb), the _______________ (same thing) stopped_______________ (adverb). 

The _______________ (adjective) kitten was feeling _______________ (adjective) now. It had been a _______________ (adjective) day! All he wanted was for his new owner _______________ (name) to come and _______________ (verb) him. Just then, _______________ (same name) appeared! The new kitten _______________ (verb, past tense) on _______________’s (name) lap and _______________ (verb, past tense) until he fell asleep.


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