Nobody Loves The Grocery Store As Much As This Cat

Remember the cat who started hanging out in the candy aisle of a Sainsbury's in November? He's baaaaack.

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Olly is officially the King of the Candy Aisle. Via Nigel Thornberry/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

cat found in the candy aisle of a Sainbury’s supermarket back in November has returned to said candy aisle, and he doesn’t appear to want to leave ever again. But, can you blame him?

Residents and staffers say that when the cat first ventured into the store last year, he was removed but came right back in, The Telegraph reports. Then he seemed to take a hint and disappeared for a little while. Now, he has been coming in every day, refusing to leave.

“He lives in the house next door, and he’s in here every day, all the time,” a spokesperson for the Brockley Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph.

Since he was first discovered in the South London shop, the cat has become a local celebrity. People have been sharing photos of the cat on Twitter and Facebook within the group “I Love SE4.”

Twitter user Adam Oliver confirmed that the cat’s name is Olly, and he lives close to the shop.  

While shoppers are thoroughly enjoying his presence in the store — some have confirmed that while he looks generally grumpy, he’s actually very sweet — the Brockley Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Telegraph he’s not exactly welcome.

“He’s not allowed to be here, the staff like him, but he is a health and safety risk,” the spokesperson said.

Safety risk or not, Olly is probably boosting their sales right now. Also, he’s undeniably awesome.

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