Cat Takes a Stand in Litterbox

Is it weird that my cat poops standing up? It's weird, isn't it?

Some of my cats poop standing up. They keep one foot in the box with the other three up on the lip of the litterbox in a standing-up posture. One started doing it and the rest, I think, learned it from her. Are my cats just odd or what? It’s not even a small litterbox; they’ll do it in large and extra-large ones, too. Robert Cataldi via email

I hate to be the one to tell you but, yes, your cats are odd. They’re probably also smarty-pants showoffs. Your patient-zero cat was bored and decided to develop an athletic and cutting-edge pooping style to make the others jealous. Instead her feline roommates just got competitive. They’ve cleared this bar; who knows what’s coming next. Internet fame is a real possibility. Another possibility is that patient zero is particularly finicky and prefers to have as little contact with her litter as possible. If she could do a no-paws poop and not touch the litter at all, I bet she’d do it to show off and prove a point that standing in dirty litter is gross. Her friends are all copycats. Upping your cleaning frequency could help.

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