Cat Swats Feet and Sleeps on Keyboard

Cats get all up in our business, lying in wait to paw us when we walk by or stretching out across our computers. What gives?

Question 1: Why does my cat like to swat at my feet when I’m going downstairs?

Question 2: Why does he like to sleep on the keyboard (he’s already taken some keys off)? Sabrina Lynn Knight

When it comes to feet swatting, your cat is channeling the soul of a hunter. It’s in his nature to stalk and kill his food. Since he’s a spoiled kitty that gets all his meals served to him and there are no rodents and birds in your house to take down (hopefully), he has no choice but to go after your feet. It’s probably easier to take you by surprise when you’re going downstairs. You can:
•    Give him a stern “no” to discourage his behavior
•    Invest in a few more catnip mice and balls
•    Dedicate some more time to teasing him with feather- or ribbon-adorned wand toys.

As for his sleeping habit, he might:
•    Think your computer time would be better spent playing with him. Let’s see how much work you can get done without your “t” “o” and “s” keys.
•    Like the heat of a warmed-up keyboard. Maybe he’d like a new fleece blanket to curl up on, a sunny window perch or one of those fancy beds with a built-in heating element.

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