Cat Survives Wildfire, Returns Home

A cat reappears six days after a fire destroyed his family's California property.

The Trabing Fire came through the Bloss family’s land in mid-June, destroying much of their property but avoiding their home. Nearly a week after the fire affected the Bloss’ home in Santa Cruz County, Calif., one of their cats reappeared, burned and singed, but still alive, the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News reports.

“He just showed up on the back patio, where the cats eat,” said Naomi Bloss. “We couldn’t recognize him at first. I was amazed he even made it home, in the condition he was in.”

Most of the cat’s long, black fur was singed off. The cat — named Tip-Two because he was the family’s second cat to be all black with a white tipped tail — had many burns on his face, ears, eyelids and paws. Still, Naomi Bloss said the cat’s spirits remain high.

Tip-Two is receiving treatment at the East Lake Animal Hospital in Watsonville, where he will need to stay for at least three weeks while recovering from his injuries. Dave Carroll, the veterinarian treating the cat, said Tip-Two does not appear to have burns on his skin under his damaged fur, but said he may lose some skin that was exposed, including the tips of his ears.

“I’m a little concerned that he might lose his namesake,” Carroll said. “The tip of his tail is looking a little tender.”

The Bloss family is receiving financial help for Tip-Two’s treatment from Carroll, as well as the United Animal Nations, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization that has helped many Santa Cruz County animals affected by the wildfires. “That’s the nicest thing that helped all those people in the fires; it’s these charities,” Carroll said. “And these animals have a great will to survive. That’s what is really amazing: They’re tough, in some cases they’re tougher than we are.”

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