Cat Survives Inside Mailed Box For 260 Miles And 8 Days

A shipping mishap trapped Cupcake the cat in a package for more than a week.

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Cupcake's safe and sound after more than a week trapped in a package. Via The Guardian/Facebook

Cats’ love of boxes is, usually, harmless. But when one unsuspecting cat hopped into a box for fun she wound up 260 miles away from home.

Cupcake the cat spent eight days in the mail after her owner accidentally shipped her across Southern United Kingdom, The Guardian reports. The parcel held DVDs ordered by a West Sussex resident who was “somewhat startled” when the cat jumped out of the box from Cornwall, according to the news outlet.

The resident contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who brought the cat to Grove Lodge veterinary hospital in Worthing. Veterinarian Dr. Ben Colwell treated Cupcake and found her dehydrated and, naturally, scared and nervous.

Maybe the fear of being boxed up and shipped somewhere is why cats hate mail. Via

Maybe the fear of being boxed up and shipped somewhere is why cats hate mail. Via

“She’s done really, really well, she’s responded to fluids really well,” Colwell told The Guardian. “Luckily she was microchipped.”

The microchip led to owner Julie Baggott, who had been searching her neighborhood and putting up posters to find her missing cat. She noticed Cupcake’s absence immediately and worried for two weeks about her.

“I feel terrible about what’s happened, you know,” she reportedly told BBC South Today. “I mean, I put everything in the box and I sealed it straight away, so I don’t know how she managed to get in there.”

“It was a miracle she was alive,” Baggott continued. “She’s managed to survive that awful ordeal.”

It proves that miracles really do happen.

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  • So very happy for you both.

    Poppy March 29, 2016 8:09 am Reply
  • Thank God!

    catherine lingg March 29, 2016 11:01 pm Reply

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