Cat Survives 11 Long Days Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Willow had somehow climbed into a stranger's car, just before they left for vacation.

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No food, no water, no problem... except dehydration. Via Manchester Evening News/Twitter

A pair of vacationers got a huge surprise when they lugged their suitcases back to their car in an airport parking lot: They discovered a cat in the trunk, a cat that they did not own. 

Somehow the cat, named Willow, had survived for 11 long days without food or water, locked in the car at Manchester Airport in Manchester, England, the Manchester Evening News reports. Airport workers immediately delivered Willow to a local veterinarian’s office, where she was treated for dehydration.

“Other than dehydration, she was remarkably in good health,” an airport spokesperson told the MEN. “She was fortunately electronically tagged, and staff were able to speak to the owner in Chorley [England] after she was traced.”

Ellen Ferguson, Willow’s owner, told the news outlet that she had no idea how her pet made the 30 mile trip to Terminal 1 at the airport. She got into the vacationers’ car at some point — most likely while they were packing, but Ferguson said she doesn’t know how she got to their car in the first place.

“I think she must have gone on a shorter journey first in a car or delivery van before wandering into that one,” she told the Manchester Evening News in a follow-up story.

The hows and whens don’t matter as much now that Willow is back, though. And hopefully the next time she’s at the airport, it’s because she’s being taken on a trip — one that everyone is aware of.

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