Cat Survives Acid Attack And Finds Safe Home For The Rest Of His Life

A homeless cat who had been intentionally burned then left for dead now has a place to safely stay forever.

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Nothing can defeat Sir Thomas Trueheart. Via Milo's Sanctuary/Facebook
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Nothing could defeat Sir Thomas Trueheart. Even after a horrifying acid attack disfigured him, this cat’s loving spirit kept him strong enough to pull through and find a place to call home.

Tommy is now in Milo’s Sanctuary’s Lifetime Care Program, according to the group’s Facebook page. This rescue’s forever home will give him the ongoing medical care he needs after his terrifying ordeal.

He came from the high desert of California where he lived on the streets and relied on food from friendly neighbors. Then one day some unfriendly person or people came upon the warmhearted cat and performed an awful act of cruelty: they poured a caustic substance on the cat’s face, burning half of it, including his right eye.

Tommy managed to find his way back to one of the homes where he visited and people there took him to a vet. After receiving some poor care, and the news that he was FIV positive, the people caring for him reached out to Milo’s Sanctuary on social media for more help.

Tommy still greets people with love and purrs despite his past.  Via Milo's Sanctuary/Facebook

Tommy still greets people with love and purrs despite his past. Via Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook

The cat spent more than a month at the vet and followed that by visiting a surgical specialist. Through the pain, the loss of an eye and the skin graft procedures, Tommy continued to treat each person he met with warmth and purrs.

Little by little, Tommy's extensive wounds have healed.  Via Milo's Sanctuary/Facebook

Little by little, Tommy’s extensive wounds have healed. Via Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook

Now his happy, healing face and body are catching up to that sweet cat soul. He’s recovering more and more each day. If you’d like to contribute to his ongoing care, visit the Sir Thomas Trueheart Kickstarter.

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