Cat Survey Says More Cats Are Better Than One

A veterinarian cat survey says cats prefer the company of other cats rather than being alone.

A cat survey commissioned by the makers of Arm & Hammer products says that 80 percent of veterinarians surveyed agreed that by nature, cats are social creatures and prefer the company of other cats, rather than a solitary life.

Of the 174 veterinarians surveyed by Harris Interactive, seven out of 10 agreed that cats living in a household with a cat companion lead healthier, happier lives.

“Two cats are just as easy as one. Not only will they keep each other company, but owning two cats will provide a happier living environment,” Veterinary Behaviorist Stefanie Schwartz said in a news release issued for the cat survey.

Some cats’ bad behavior can be attributed to loneliness and such behavior is sometimes helped by the introduction of another cat into the household, more than half of the veterinarians responding to the cat survey said.

Signs that a cat is lonely can include: hair pulling, excessive grooming, excessive meowing, destructiveness and aggressive behavior when the owner leaves home.

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