Cat Supergroup Forms to Support Shelters for the Holidays

Friskies assembles internet cat superstar team for a holiday music video that benefits cat shelters.

Is it hard to be a cat at Christmas? Some well-known internet cats superstars think so.

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At the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles Dec. 10, Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat, Colonel Meow and Hamilton the Hipster Cat came together with Friskies to debut their new, first-of-its-kind, holiday music video.

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The video, for the song “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas,” was put together as a fundraiser for shelter cats. Each view of the song will provide a can for food for a cat in need, up to half a million total, from Friskies. It’s the biggest one-time food giveaway in the company’s history.

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Actress and cat advocate Angela Kinsey led the release party and interviewed all the participants.

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“Who was the biggest diva of the group?” Kinsey asked Hamilton the Hipster Cat, who joined via Skype. “We’re all thinking it was Grumpy Cat.”

Hamilton’s pet parent, Jay Stowe, replied that everyone was great to work with. “Even Grumpy.” Grumpy Cat, Friskies official “Spokescat,” didn’t chime in.

The holiday song focuses on cats who might be left out at Christmas. Each celebrity cat chose a charity to receive canned food donations. All five charities will receive up to 100,000 cans of food each. The organizations are:

The cats chose their charities based on where they were adopted or where their people volunteer. Friskies Brand Manager Shawn Brain said the company was fortunate to have the support of the “supergroup” to bring awareness to the difficult life of shelter cats, particularly during the holidays.

“We’re glad we can help these cats’ favorite charity organizations with an unprecedented donation,” Brain said. “We look forward to helping inspire people everywhere to join the cause and make every cat’s holiday wish come true by watching the video to help reach the donation goals.”

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