Cat Stows Away on Yacht for 5-Week Trip

Dolly wanted some va-cay-cay and became a stowaway off the Isle of Wight. The cat's days at sea ended when her microchip tipped off boat owners to her home location.


Dolly the cat on the high seas. Image via Daily News

We’ve all fantasized about escaping the everyday, tucking ourselves stealthily away aboard a ship, and embarking on adventure, but one cat made good on the dream, turning it into a reality.

Eager for a bit of merriment, Dolly, a rescue cat residing in Isle of Wight with her family, stowed away on a luxury yacht for a 5-week stay in Poole on Dorset. Unbeknownst to owners of the cruiser, Dolly hopped aboard the steamliner, making the 30-mile trip from Isle of Wight to Poole on Dorset undetected, before being spotted in one of the cabins.

For weeks, the family, enjoying a vacation away from it all, cared for Dolly as their own, before taking her to the veterinarian where they discovered her microchip, and learned of her true family.

“Dolly has gone missing before but she always stayed on the island,” owner Debs Murphy-Latham told The Daily Mail after receiving the call about cat Dolly’s whereabouts on Saturday. “I would never have expected that she’d make it all the way to Poole. I think she has developed a taste for the high life. It’s not the first time she’s tried to board a yacht.”

According to Murphy-Latham, the owner of VIP Cottages, a holiday letting company, Dolly had been kept indoors after making her way onto a yacht in November, but stole away from home when her two children were getting ready for school one morning, never to be seen again.

“We were all very upset when she went missing,” said Murphy-Latham. “We just didn’t know what had happened.”

On Sunday, the owners of the yacht drove Dolly down to Southampton, where Murphy-Latham and her two daughters, Natasha and Annabelle, met them after having taken a high-speed ferry from Cowes, allowing the seafaring Dolly one last high seas voyage.

“My daughters will have to peel themselves off the ceiling, they are so excited to have her back,” said Murphy-Latham. “I’d quite like her to stay put this time so she might be spending a few weeks indoors just until she remembers where she lives. Fortunately because she was microchipped the people who found her were able to take her to their vets and get her scanned and they were then able to contact me.”

Cheers to happy endings!

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