Cat Steals Neighbor’s Plush Toy Like It’s NBD

This cat jumped a neighbor's fence to "borrow" a plush toy. Something tells us he won't be returning it.

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"Oh yeah, sure. I'll bring it right back." *wink face*

A cat named Timmy is probably the most casual cat burglar ever.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Borut Birsa, Timmy the cat is on his way back from his neighbor’s yard, and he’s not alone. He’s got a plush toy that looks a tiger in his mouth, and the toy isn’t his.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a cat with stolen property.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a cat with stolen property. Via Borut Birsa/YouTube

The stolen tiger is about Timmy’s size, so the smooth journey committing this theft is actually pretty impressive.

The best part of the video is definitely at the end. Timmy carries his stuffed prey to the center of an enclosed garden, places the toy down on the ground and ATTACKS.

This is mine now and I can do with it as I so please.

It’s mine. All MINE! Via Borut Birsa/YouTube

Then he rolls around with it in the grass and it’s all kinds of adorable.

The end.

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