Cat Steals Bed From French Bulldog Puppy, Shows Zero Remorse

This adorable French Bulldog puppy wants his bed back, but this cat is not going anywhere.

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Try as you might, Pixel — this cat isn't giving up the bed. Via YouTube

After a long day, bed is the only place you want to be. Bed is where you can recharge and begin anew in the morning. And anything standing between you and bed will feel the wrath of your exhausted crankiness. Humans are not the only ones who understand the need for a cozy sleeping space. Pixel, a French Bulldog with hundreds of followers on Instagram and YouTube, who is basically a puppy-sized ball of cuteness, meandered over to his plush green bed recently with every intention of taking a well-deserved snooze. Then he noticed that his bed was occupied… by a cat.

Was he going to let this ballsy feline get away with this heinous act of bed thievery? No way, José. So he enters into a battle of the bed, wherein the winner is able to catch all the ZZZs. Pixel growls, he tugs, he pulls this bed across the floor, all while the cat looks on in mild irritation and shows no sign of defeat. Classic cat reaction indeed. At one point, the cat even lies down in the bed while keeping eye contact with Pixel as he strenuously drags and thrashes the bed around.

In the end, the winner is the cat. Poor Pixel looks around in confusion at how the cat could’ve possibly won this war. But as always, felines hold the power. Next time, Pixel. Next time.


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