Sweet Cat Soothes Crying Baby By Snuggling Close

When a baby cries, her cat friend comes over and snuggles those tears away.

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A little snuggle goes a long way.
Chrissa Hardy

It’s hard listening to a baby cry. Your immediate reaction is to go to that baby, and offer comfort.

Humans are not the only ones who have that reaction, apparently. In a video uploaded to YouTube by FunnyBabies&CutePets, a cat rushes to a crying baby’s side and snuggles those tears away.

Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

“Oh you’re sad? Here I come!” Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

It might be the cutest thing ever.

Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

“Shhh… I’m here, tiny human. I’m here now.” Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

The baby has moments of calm once the cat arrives, and goes back and forth with a little more crying, but eventually settles down completely.

Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

“See? Cuddles cure all.” Via ***FunnyBabies&CutePets ***/YouTube

The snuggly feline curls up right next to the baby’s head, so that both of their heads are touching and lies there in an adorable ball until the child’s tears stop falling.

If only that cat could make our collective hatred for Mondays go away…

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